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Start Smart

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Volume 1

1.1 Pam and Sam
1.2 I Can, Can You?
1.3 How You Grew
1.4 Pet Tricks
1.5 Soccer

Volume 2

2.1 Animal Moms and Dads

2.2 Little Red Hen
2.3 A Prairie Dog Home
2.4 The Fun Kids' Band
2.5 On My Way to School

Volume 3

3.1 Kate's Game
3.2 Kids Can Help
3.3 Short Shadows, Long Shadows
3.4 Smile, Mike!
3.5 Gram and Me

Volume 4

4.1 Pelican Was Hungry
4.2 June Robot Cleans Up
4.3 Stormy Weather
4.4 Meet Ben Franklin
4.5 Little Rabbit

Volume 5

5.1 Olivia
5.2 Frog and Toad_The Kite
5.3 Kids' Great Inventions
5.4 Whistle for Willie
5.5 A Fruit Is a Suitcase for Seeds

Bossy R Glog courtesy of KSaylor

Volume 6 is included in Volume 5 of the student E-book - click the "next page" arrow

6.1 Dot Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery
6.2 Blue Jay Finds a Way & Little Bear Goes to the Moon
6.3 Cool Jobs
6.4 A Tiger Cub Grows Up
6.5 Sand Castle _Glog 1
6.5 Sand Castle_Glog 2