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Welcome to the Home of the Wolverines: Little Cedars Elementary School

This Wiki is for our first grade students and their families.

There are many wonderful places to explore in the column of links on the right side of the page.


~~ First Grade Teachers @ LCE

Foundations in Literacy with David Matteson Foundations in Literacy.jpg

"How do children become successful readers and writers? What do teachers need to understand and do in order to best support emergent literacy? What role does child development play?"

First grade classrooms will begin a new writing program this year. Under the guidance of David Matteson, we will be learning to instruct students to write narratives and expository text, as well as teach them the features for each. Click on the link above to find out more about this program and about what 1st graders need to know and be able to do.


As part of the first grade literacy (reading and writing skills), here are PowerPoint presentations to help you practice Popcorn Words Lists 1 through 6. You will need Microsoft Office PowerPoint program to run them. When the shows open, click on the F5 button on your keyboard to run them. Click on the Esc button on your keyboard to escape the presentation. Have fun!

To help practice Spelling skills, click on our Spelling City link.

Click spellingcitylogo.jpgfor activities and games for all spelling words.

Our Reading Curriculum is the Treasures program published by Macmillan McGraw-Hill.

Click the logo below to access the books for first grade.

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Listen to any story and read it completely online!
Listen to any story and read it completely online!

Treasures Reading Story of the Week:
1.Click Story of the Week .

2. Mouse over the book cover pictures; the "volume" is the Unit.

Click on Volume 1 - Volume 5. This brings up the table of contents. Choose what you'd like to read.

3. If you want Volume 6: Open Volume 5. Click to go to the next page. This brings up Volume 6.

4. Click on the small book icon to the right of the story you wish to read.
Use the arrows at the top of the box to advance to the next pages.
Please feel free to explore other pages.

Reading Skills: Click here to reach the Treasures Glog page. The glogs are filled with
activities that reinforce the reading skills we will study. After clicking the glog you want, mouse over the hot pink
"Glogster" icon in the top right corner. Then click "VIEW FULL SCREEN" to ensure that the links will work.
Click on the activity you'd like to do.


IXL Math:This is a comprehensive online Math practice site with hundreds of skills aligned to state standards.

Work at this site will be part of the Homework Menu for 1st graders.
Weekly homework will specify a selected section in which to practice. Check your IXL information page that your teacher sent home to find your user name and password for signing in.

Snohomish School District is using a new math curriculum for the 2014-2015 school year: EngageNY (New York).

This curriculum aligns with the WA Common Core State Standards.

For information on the program:

Here are the Common Core State Standards for Math:

Here you can find the Snohomish School District “Parent Roadmap” for Mathematics:

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